Ichikawa Mukade Finesse hook.  Drop shot and Neko presentation.

Ichikawa Mukade Drop shot and neko hook

TS-3 Drop shot and flip hook

TS-3 Twist Shank by Ichikawa Fishing has IHPF coating for super smooth hook ups with better penetration.  TS-3 is designed to bury in your soft plastic baits, for weedless presentations.  TS-3 Excels in flipping conditions and weedless drop shot presentations.   By not having to "skin hook" the point back into the plastic, you are able to land more fish because the hook penetrates the worm with ease.  With TS-3 hook you will have a higher hook up ratio.  TS-3 hook will have a high performance result.  A better sharper hook will land you more fish.


Ichikawa TG1 Hook is top of the line construction wire with premium IHPF coating.  TG1 offers maximum performance with more hook-ups and better penetration.  In return meaning the TG1 will land you more fish!  Made entirely in Japan with super strong light wire for many applications.  One of the best ways to use these hooks is for a weedless drop shot presentation.  Another great presentation is for light finesse Texas and pitch applications.  Internationally tested all across the globe.  The TG1 is a sure addition to your general hook box.



RC KAMAKIRI Saltwater and Brackish water series.  Anti-corrosion heavy duty hooks.  Same super sticky design as the regular wire RC Kamakiri, only made of another different super strong tin for saltwater or brackish conditions that cause rust.  Kamakiri means "Mantis" and is one of the sharpest stickiest hooks on the market.  Want some super sharp hooks like the ones on the bait you bought from Japan?  Here you go.  RC Kamakiri hooks are the difference in landing more fish.  More fish in a tourney can = $.

TSW Wacky and NEKO hook

New TSW  hook by ICHIKAWA FISHING is a great choice for WACKY and NEKO rigging.  Another super strong and sharp hook Ichikawa hook with premium IHPF coating for slick hook ups.  These hooks are great for skipping worms or Senkos and have a twisted shank for better hook up penetration. sizes 3/0, 2/0, 1/0, #1, #2, #4.

SP Hook by ICHIKAWA is has IHPF coating for better hook-up and better penetration. SP Hook by Ichikawa Fishing.


SP HOOK by Ichikawa Fishing has IHPF coating for super smooth hook ups with better penetration.  SP Hook is designed to sit on your soft plastic baits, flush along the outside of the bait.  By not having to "skin hook" the point back into the plastic, you are able to land more fish.  Often fish will miss the hook up because the bait covered the point of hook.  With SP Hook you have a high performance result.  SP Hook is  Sharp with original design from Tetsuya Ichikawa.  Perfect for toads, swimbaits, senkos, worms and flukes.  SP Hook by Ichikawa will land you more fish.

Strong Single

Very Sharp Strong Single hook for changing those old jig and spoon hooks.  New sizes of 5/0 and 7/0 for your giant hardware to get those giant saltwater species.  Very strong hooks.  Add a fresh split ring and do work.  Check out our International lineup of J-Spike Tie Custom hooks for trailers on your spoons as well.

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