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Our Story

ICHIKAWA Fishing Hooks are distributed in NORTH AMERICA by FISHGIANT USA.  Fishgiant USA introduces some of the Hottest International Products on the market.   Ichikawa Fishing is brand new to North America.   Recently added to the ICHIKAWA FISHING team is Bass Pro Shops NITRO BOATS Pro Rick Clunn with  4 Bassmaster Classic Championship titles, 15 Bassmaster Elite wins, Induction to the IGFA Hall of Fame and over 41 years of Professional competition and knowledge of competitive bass fishing.  Rick Clunn picked up his 15th  Bassmaster win last year at the St Johns River Bassmaster Elite stop #1.  Rick just recieved a top ten finish March 4, 2017 at Bassmaster Open #1 Table Rock, MO. Rick took 8th out of 199 Boats.  Rick Clunn and Ichikawa Fishing are releasing the "RC KAMAKIRI" High performance hooks at Fred Hall Show San Diego on March 23-26 2017.

North American Connection of International Fine Goods

We at FISHGIANT USA are the Agent that introduces fine International products to the North American region of the world. Our latest product ICHIKAWA FISHING HOOKS are made in Japan. The RC KAMAKIRI hooks come in three different models.  The REGULAR WIRE, the LIGHT WIRE, and ANTI- CORROSION wire. All versions are equally sticky hook models.   The RC KAMAKIRI hooks have a special "IHPF" (Ichikawa High Performance Finish) coating that makes these one of the best hooks available on the market today.  This Magic Rick Clunn coating makes these hooks some of the stickiest hooks you can find.  Keeping those furious bass on the line can mean getting the ounces you need to stay a top of the points.  RC Kamakiri hooks are sure to keep landing fish over and over again.  Make sure to replace all your stock treble hooks with Ichikawa "RC KAMAKIRI" High Performance Hooks.  Ichikawa High Performance Finish coating provide better hook up, better penetration.