"RC KAMAKIRI" treble hooks make the perfect recipe to landing more bass!

ICHIKAWA USA had a great time introducing some high performance Japanese made hooks to the anglers.  We had some seriously good reviews from some anglers saying they caught over 30 fish with one set of RC Kamakiri hooks.   Anglers all received 2 packs from the legend himself, RICK CLUNN and  ICHIKAWA FISHING.

Rick Clunn says RC Kamakiri are sharpest strongest hooks he has ever used!

Rick Clunn always upgrades his treble hooks on his hard baits come game time.  Rick knows the importance of having good hardware on your baits to get a higher STRIKE to CATCH percentage.    Getting the bite is only part of the battle.  You have to catch the fish and land it still.  Rick Clunn has used RC KAMAKIRI hooks all season long.  He says Ichikawa RC Kamakiri replacement treble hooks are the strongest and sharpest he has ever used.  All Ichikawa hooks are all designed and produced with the love of fishing and trust of having the best gear you can get.  Ichikawa fishing hooks are all made entirely in Japan near Lake Biwako, Japan.

MUKADE IS #1 new Drop Shot hook!

We have been testing these Ichikawa MUKADE hooks all season.  They are the best drop shot we have ever tested.  Mukade hook will change the way you feel about drop-shotting.   Ichikawa hooks are all designed and produced with love and trust near Lake Biwa Japan.

TS-3 Drop shot and flip hook

Japanese Ichikawa staff and USA staff have been testing the TS-3 hook all season.  We have decided that the Ts-3 is one of the strongest and sharpest drop shot and flipping hook ever made.  In light enough sizes for 4 inch worms and heavy enough sizes for the thick crawdad replicas like a Yamamoto SHANSHOUO or Yamamoto FLIPPING CRAW. 

Ichikawa Fishing Staff Toru catches 9.5 on tg1 size 2/0

Toru Kaneko holds his new Lake Biwa Japan Personal Best that he caught using the ICHIKAWA TG1 hook in size 2/0 .  The largemouth came in at 9.5 pounds on the scales.  The size and power of this fish proves the shear strength this IHPF coated hook holds.   The ICHIKAWA TG1 hook is perfect for drop shot size worms on the #4 or up to a small flip bait with the #2/0 size.  Toru matched up the TG1 series Ichikawa hook with a Lake Fork "Hyper Freak".  Spring is here and the big girls are moving in.  As you can see the belly, this fish is actually a pre-spawn bass in Japan where it snows in the winter.


RC KAMAKIRI #1/0 for a trap hook on your big baits

We like to use the ICHIKAWA "RC KAMAKIRI" size 1/0 for a stinger or "trap" hook on the big baits.  Just tie 50-65 pound braid directly to the main hook.  Equipped with a glued screw lock you will be good to go!


SP HOOK is a top seller

One of the top selling hooks in the USA right now is the SP Hook. These soft plastic hooks are super sharp and have IHPF coating for smooth hook up and better penetration.

Brand new size #4 Released in the Ichikawa Anemone TG1

Brand new small size #4 Ichikawa Anemone worm hook.  Tested at Clear Lake and Lake Biwa Japan. Proven finesse rigging hook on fish 5-7 pound range.  Best rigged in weedless drop shot presentation. TG1 Anemone worm hook. Sold now in sizes 2/0, 1/0, #1, #2, #4.

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FISHGiant USA's "Winning Pick". Wild West Bass Trail #4. Next stop Clear Lake April 21-23 2017

Former US OPEN Champion, Evergreen Pro Justin Kerr has been on fire this year.  He just wrapped up back to back second place finishes. In both March and April on Lakes Mohave and Havasu Kerr took a top 3 finish on the Wild West Bass Trail .  Kerr also has a note worthy February top 10 at the Havasu Western Costa Series FLW stop # 1 this year.  He took a 7th place finish for 42-5 total weight.  Evergreen Pro Justin Kerr started his 2017 Flurry when he took home the victory at the Wild West Bass Trail Team event at Lake Mohave.  In January he joined forces with up and comer young blood fisherman Gunner Stanton to take the first place finish.  With a solid first quarter to the year Justin Kerr is our pick to win the next Wild West Bass Trail event hosted at Clear Lake California.  April 21-23 2017. Last year Justin took home the Western Outdoor News California Open Championship cup and new Nitro boat. Kerr weighed over 70 pounds for 15 fish in 3 days of tourney.  This year WON bass offers the 2017 Bass Cat for first place price.

GET SIGNED UP NOW! $750 Pro entry $425 Co entry!

Rick Clunn takes 8th place at Table Rock 2017 Bassmaster Open!

As the weather begins to warm up across the USA bass are starting to move around.  On March 2, 2017 Rick Clunn utilized his power tactics tossing the all be faithful spinner-plug around.  He managed to bring home a top ten finish with 8th place of the 3 day tourney ending March 4, 2017.  This year marks the 42nd year of professional competition for Bass Pro Shops Nitro Boats Pro Rick Clunn.  He unquestionably is one of the top fisherman to ever walk the planet!  The Legend Rick Clunn was inducted January 2017 into the IGFA Hall of Fame.  Not too many anglers can say they still compete while currently holding an induction to the Hall of Fame.  Congratulations Rick Clunn!

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Clear Lake Wild West Team event draws 172 Boats! March 11-13 2017

Clear Lake California, Home of Giant Largemouth Bass.  The largest natural lake in California kicked out a 7 fish limit for the winning weight of  41.52 pounds with a 11.80 kicker for big bass of the event.  Jody Jordan and Greg Mccosker took home the win out of 172 team field. Wild West Bass Trail had a team event with over 180 teams at Oroville this year.  The Pay outs for this event was very good. Team of JORDON/MCCOSTER took home $10,810 for first place.  Total payout for the Wild West Bass Trail tourney average around 120% after contingency money.  The total payout for this event was $56,000. This means the remaining checks given added up to $45,190 in payout to teams that did not win the event.  Gary Dobyns has brought back a circuit to the West Coast that we needed dearly. We believe Wild West Bass Trail has taken the initiative to stand up for the West Coast and show that the sport of fishing has some of the best Champions raised on the west coast.  Big names like Evinrude, Ranger Boats, Lucas Oil, Dobyns Rods, Protect the Harvest, Fox Sports, NBC and General Tire sponsor Wild West Bass Trail.


GET SIGNED UP NOW! $750 Pro entry $425 Co entry!

ICHIKAWA HOOKS are shipping to a store near you!

Tackle Warehouse, Hook'd Bait and Tackle, Last Chance Tackle, Clear Lake Bait and Tackle and TheTackleTesters.Com are the most recent West Coast stores Ichikawa Fishing hooks are being distributed to.  We are expanding distribution and offering Co-distribution contracts with some of the largest distributors in the business! Stay tuned.

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RC KAMAKIRI high performance hooks are top seller

Another top seller in the USA is the RC Kamakiri regular wire model.  You will simply land more bass when upgrading your trebles to RC Kamakiri.  Built super strong and sticky.  The super smooth IHPF coating on the RC Kamakiri will help you get more hook ups and better penetration.  Don't be the one telling the story of "the one that got away".  Upgrade your treble hooks to RC Kamakiri high performance hooks.

Check stock on some ICHIKAWA Hooks at Online stores!

"RC KAMAKIRI" treble hooks make the perfect recipe to landing more bass!

Japan Ichikawa Staff Toru Kaneko staying on them at Lake Biwa, Japan.  Toru changes all the stock hooks of the American and Japanese hard baits he buys.  Higher end baits may offer a good hook out of the box.  When those high end stock hooks wear out, replacing with RC Kamakiri hooks make replicate catch numbers.  RC Kamakiri high performance hooks are a perfect match for higher end hard baits as well as any Lucky Strike 5 dollar cranks.  Ichikawa makes some of the stickiest tournament grade hooks on the market.  Losing fish can be a terrible feeling especially during a high stakes tournament. Don't make the mistake and learn the hard way!  Plan ahead and replace your hard bait hooks with RC Kamakiri hooks.   RC Kamakiri is sold now in sizes 1/0 (for your big baits and rats), #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and down to a #8 for your spybaits.  RC Kamakiri light wire is offered in #5, #6,#8.  Get the regular Kamakiri LW in #10,#12, #14 for your finesse bass cranks, spoons, Kastmasters and trout lures.  Check out one of Ricks favorite series.  The RC Kamakiri super strong Anti Corrosion Tin.  Comes in sizes 1/0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8.  RC Kamakiri LW Tin comes in #5, #6, #8.  Regular light wire Kamakiri Tin come in #10, #12, #14.

New Ichikawa Hook models coming soon!

"RC KAMAKIRI" High Performance Hook is born!

ICHIKAWA FISHING teamed up with Rick Clunn to design some of the sharpest hooks on the market!  Introducing the "RC KAMAKIRI" High Performance Hooks!  Rick Clunn knows more about crankbait fishing than your average Pro.  He brings extensive knowledge to the tune of over 41 years Professional Bass Fishing. The "RC KAMAKIRI" is a brand new hook to the market that will change the way you fish forever. Replacing stock hooks is a must when fishing in heavy cover and landing good numbers of giant bass. New ICHIKAWA "RC Kamakiri" hooks are best choice for hook replacement!   Losing fish in tournaments can cost you thousands in pay!  Upgrade your treble hooks on all baits including Spybaits.  Ichikawa makes sizes down to #8 in the "RC KAMAKIRI".

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Introducing ICHIKAWA FISHING, the newest hook to North America. Ichikawa makes top of the line hooks featuring an IHPF coating. (Ichikawa High Performance) coating.   Ichikawa signed Rick Clunn and the first Rick Clunn design is the "RC KAMAKIRI" High Performance Hooks.   These premium hooks are made entirely in Japan and offer a slight price break compared to other comparable higher end products

Featured in stores at end of March!

Fred Hall Displays Ichikawa Fishing Hooks



Ichikawa Fishing will have a booth at San Diego Fred Hall Boat and Fishing show.  The March 23-26, 2017 show will be the first chance that fisherman have to get their hands on the brand new Ichikawa "RC Kamakiri" High Performance fishing hooks.  Check out the ICHIKAWA FISHING BOOTH at Fred Hall San Diego!  FREE STICKERS AND HATS! ANSWER A TRIVIA QUESTION AT THE BASS TANK DURING OUR RAT SEMINAR!

Fred Hall Shows


"Featured Product"

Brand new RC Kamakiri High Performance Hooks by Ichikawa Fishing.  The  Rick Clunn Kamakiri treble hook comes with a "Rick Clunn Magic Coating".  This "IHPF" (ICHIKAWA HIGH PERFORMANE FINISH) coating will help give anglers an edge on the fishing competition.  RC Kamakiri hooks are sure to stick to those finicky fish. Those fish that "short strike" and tend to "push the bait" as opposed to fully attacking it. Kamakiri translated in Japanese means "Mantis".  A name this hook earned as one of the stickiest to all predators.  "RC KAMAKIRI" the newest sharpest hook on the market. These new Rick Clunn treble hook with the "IHPF" coating on them will land the those wild bass that do the intense jumps and back flips towards the boat.  The "Ichikawa High Performance Finish"  coating makes better hook ups, and better penetration in turn sticking the giant bass you need for the win.

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RC KAMAKIRI #1/0 and # 1 for hook on your rat baits

RC KAMAKIRI hooks size # 1/0 and #1 on your rat baits!  Rat baits produce tremendous swirling flush strikes on the surface near your bait. Don't miss or lose the fish because of using inadequate equipment and hooks!  RC KAMAKIRI size #1/0 in the front and size #1 in the back will be sure to land those monster terrestrial eaters!


Laythe Moore takes the 2017 WWBT Mohave Title!

Laythe Moore sealed the deal with over 50 pounds of small mouth for three days of the WWBT PRO/AM tournament.  Mohave was the second stop for the Wild West Bass trail.  The water is warming up and the bass are moving up by the day!  The moon is near full and the bass are about ready to go to the dance!   Sign up for Lake Havasu event #3 now!

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Wild West Bass Trail Lake Havasu PRO/AM March 31 2017

Wild West Bass Trail makes its 3rd stop at Lake Havasu Arizona on March 31- April 2.  A couple new changes were added in the second year of the Wild West Bass Trail. #1  change was the third day of the event being added.  Day 3 of the Pro/Am events now host the top 10 from both Pro and Co-angler sides.  #2 change was now all top 10 Pro's and Co's also get to fish alone on day three.  The Co-anglers are given an off limits area and get to operate their own boats on day 3.  #3 change was this year Wild West Bass Trail allows the net.  Last years competitors went all of last season with the "No Net Rule" in affect.  A net can be favorable for some.  Many anglers prefer the Net as it is always harder to get the five in the boat with out one.

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